1. Comment by John:

    Purchased Keep2Share account from your site. Order number 3327061. Transaction number 892027. Need invitation key.

  2. Comment by john hutnick:

    Purchased K2S account 27 June, 90 days, UK. Need invitation key please.

  3. Comment by rob:

    I just bought a 1-year K2S account for $89.95.
    mail from K2S:
    Your account has been successfully upgraded for 365 days.
    Your order number: 3772493
    Your transaction number: 875074

    Can you give me the promised lifetime VIP access to forum and send me an invitation key,so i can add my BJN userID.
    Thank you very much

  4. Comment by Raynald Roberge:

    How to register to your blog ???
    Can you help me please.
    I intend to buy a premium account to support you, but I know I have before me Register first.

  5. Comment by Raynald Roberge:

    I have receive an e-mail at the 2015-08-18 with new login & password.
    This new password and login work for one time only. Since, I cannot go inside the forum. When I try I obtain this message: That username does not exist.
    Someone help me please !

  6. Comment by Robin Smith:

    I’ve just bought Keep2S for 30 days and am struggling to sign in. I need to register on this site first but need a Key. What should I do ?

    Your order number: 4915436
    Your transaction number: 1917379

  7. Comment by Robin Smith:

    You asked for my gmail address earlier.

    It is;

    [email protected]

    I have not received the key yet.

  8. Comment by fbi.swaz:

    Pleas Invitation Key

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