Sensual Jane – Triple Play

Triple Play

Date Published: Mar 22nd, 2014

Full Picture Set Count: 65 Images

“Sensual Jane is one of the sexiest women on Planet Earth. I’m always happy when SCORELAND posts a new photo set or video, but especially if it involves Jane fucking!” writes Heywood.

The man gets his wish. 2013 was a big year for Jane at SCORE. Now Jane is back and this time, it’s two men and one Jane. Can they handle the Sensual one, a girl with one of the most beautiful, fuckable bodies in her first SCORE threesome?

Thomas arrives for his date with Jane only to find Neeo sitting on the couch at Jane’s place. It looks like Jane’s made a double date. Thomas tells Neeo to leave. Neeo tells Thomas to leave. Neither man will budge. They’re too besotted with Jane to give her up. Both have banged Jane in previous scenes. They’re pussy drunk in love with her. But Jane the peacemaker knows what to do to settle the crisis. The girl should work for the United Nations.

Jane invites both studs to share her body but only if they behave themselves. Or they can leave. They agree since getting their hands on Jane’s big, soft boobs is good, leaving Jane’s place with blue balls is bad. When one man’s sausage is filling Jane’s throat, the other is exploring Jane’s pink taco. It’s the world’s most enjoyable form of tag-teaming. You see, it takes a hot piece of ass like Jane to bring about a peaceful conclusion.

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