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MoneyPlatform = Keep2Share = K2S

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  1. Comment by mrail:


    used this link to purchase

    longterm member name mrail on forum, purchased 10.08.2015 around 16:10 time from Czech Republic.

  2. Comment by phobos:

    i bought a 90days membership at
    sunday, august 23, about 15:50

    i am from germany

    this is from the confirmation email:
    Your account has been successfully upgraded for 90 days.
    Your order number: 3949555
    Your transaction number: 973375


  3. Comment by phobos:

    i purchased with credit card.

  4. Comment by phobos:

    sunday, august 23, about 15:50
    just see my first comment.

  5. Comment by Raynald Roberge:

    Account type: Premium
    Premium expires: 2015.09.16 (31 days)
    Next rebill date: 2015.09.16 Cancel auto-renew subscription
    Your order number: 3916520
    Your transaction number: 913780
    Country: Canada

  6. Comment by crash41:

    what if my K2S purchase is recurring month-to-month? how do i renew my forum access?

  7. Comment by TM:

    Hi, I ‘m waiting for the confirmation of my email address

  8. Comment by Sebastian Liebl:

    I bought a 90 day Membership

    Your account has been successfully upgraded for 90 days.
    Your order number: 4200698
    Your transaction number: code_id: 76614
    Country: Germany
    Transaktion Date: 4th of October 2015
    Purchased with Sofort Ueberweisung

    I used this link:

  9. Comment by Adam:

    I bought a 30 day Membership

    Your account has been successfully upgraded for 30 days.
    Your order number: 4215195
    Your transaction number: 2570009
    Country: Egypt
    Transaction Date: 6th of October 2015 … (2 mins ago)

    I used this link:

  10. Comment by Al:

    I bought a 1 year membership to Keep2Share using a link you provided (a Fresh Buy) but it was about 11 months ago and I got busy at the time and never had the chance to activate my account with your forum until now
    Here is my original purchase info from using the link on your website:
    purchased at 12:04 AM on Nov. 4, 2014
    OrderID: 041114-7141-070815365
    Time Key: 365 Days

    Later on Nov. 4, 2014, I received an email with more info:
    Your account has been successfully upgraded for 365 days.
    Your order number: 2361222
    Your transaction number: code_id: 40034
    Please send me my new forum id and login info for a 1 year membership. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your assistance.

    • Comment by BoobsJuggs:

      Its not possible to trace you now. How much busy you. I can’t ask k2s admin. So you won’t get any invitation key. If I give you a invitation key it will be expire on 4th Nov 2015 only for 25 days. But I can’t do this also because I can’t able to trace you.

      You can buy an account with our link. I can offer you if you buy 3 month account with us I will give you extra 1 month because you are saying that you bought k2s premium with our link.


  11. Comment by wessonski:

    Hi, I purchased a membership for keep2share on 17.10.2015
    Account type: Premium
    Location Germany

  12. Comment by markus O.:

    Bought Keepshare 30 days today 30 min ago.

    Your order number: 4473365
    Your transaction number: 1346537

    Please send invitation key

  13. Comment by Timed:

    Your order number: 4908980
    Your transaction number: 109;GIEJUKMQ9

    30 day subscription.

    Purchased 10:43 EST on the East Coast, US

    Link :


  14. Comment by Allan:

    Your account has been successfully upgraded for 30 days.
    Your order number: 5534903
    Your transaction number: 3043688

    purchased at 12:pm 4/24/16

    Please send invitation key

  15. Comment by Dude:

    1. Which link you click and buy Keep2Share premium account.

    2. What is Duration of premium account And where are you from

    30 Days, Germany

    3. Country you from.


  16. Comment by crash41:

    K2S order #5615252
    Paid: VISA from USA

  17. Comment by Dimitris:

    Hi I bought on 16/9/2016 account

    Your account has been successfully upgraded for 90 days.
    Your order number: 6762908
    Your transaction number: 159670

  18. Comment by raul:

    Hello, i bought premium:

    Your order number: 7224918
    Your transaction number: 167896

  19. Comment by Larry Evans:

    I have a keep2share account already. It was renewed on 11/1/2016. The order number was: 6088539. The transaction number was: 180537. It renews every three months. May I have an invite to the forum. I had one before but I believe it lapsed.

  20. Comment by hertzigv:

    Used this link to purchase:

    Order Number: 14842739964
    Payment Amount: 239.99 USD
    Order description: Keep2share Premium Account Lifetime

  21. Comment by nigel:

    hI i just bought premium-pro 30 days
    i used
    order number: 11096206
    transaction number: code_id: 272907
    can i get an invite please

  22. Comment by bettername:


    Just upgraded to 90 days

    link used:
    order number 12110092
    transaction number: 143;5QS9M12VO
    country: USA
    used Credit Card

    Forum name is: bettername

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