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BoobsJuggs need your support. For every work we have to pay some money for RDP, Dedicated Server, Filehost Premium Account and many more. So if you don’t support Boobsjuggs by purchasing a Keep2share premium account Boobsjuggs won’t survive. You have to pay only a price which equals to A Can Bear.

Close Every Browser And Open This Site After This Click Below Link And Buy Keep2Share Premium Account

Buy Keep2Share Premium Account From Below Link

I always ask to provide full details i.e. Buying Date, Buying Link, Premium Account Duration, And Country (Its mandatory). I see almost no body provide full details. If you are already registered on forum and you buy k2s premium account again via us then provide all details as new user provide as well as forum user name and if you enabled auto re-bill in k2s then every time you are also requested to provide full details with your forum user name.


  1. Comment by Llewger:

    30 Days
    Forumname: Llewger

  2. Comment by Wayne:

    Purchased 07/02/16
    Duration – 30 days
    Country UK

    Where do I get the link that you require?

  3. Comment by Wayne:

    Your order number: 5044013
    Your transaction number: 4286425

    I do not have a Gmail account, can you send it to my email address listed (Hotmail)?
    Thanks for your time and hard work.

  4. Comment by Peter:

    I have a lifetime accoount k2s and want to have the invitation_key.

  5. Comment by Big_fan:

    Hi i want to but k2s but after i click on your link it says on k2s : This file is no longer available. What should i do ???

  6. Comment by markus O.:

    i bought 30 Days Keepshare Premium through that link on 28th Today 10:35 MESZ through that link Username [email protected]:germany
    Your order number: 5175967
    Your transaction number: 968700.

    Please put me as a Vip-Member please

  7. Comment by Steven:

    K2S Premium for 30 days, purchased March 6 2016
    Username: Steven

  8. Comment by Mrail:

    Order link:
    Country: Czech Republic
    Order Date: 07.03.2016
    Order Nr: #6943700375
    Forum name: Mrail

  9. Comment by bettername:

    Date: June 8, 2016
    Duration: 90 Days
    Country: United States
    Forum name: bettername

  10. Comment by Mrail:

    Duration: 90 Days
    Country: Czech Republic
    Forum name: mrail

  11. Comment by Bryan Keller:

    $25 membership 1 month

    6/25/2016 6:00 AM

    United States
    San Antonio, TX

  12. Comment by Steven:

    On July 11 I bought Keep2S Premium for 90 days. My user name is Steven. Country: Netherlands.

  13. Comment by Frubba:

    Forumname Frubba
    90 Days

  14. Comment by crash41:

    still trying to get access renewed to the forum.
    Your account has been successfully upgraded for 30 days.
    Your order number: 6065507
    Your transaction number: 143;DVLV31652
    Your login is: [email protected]

  15. Comment by frank:

    Order Date , 14.10.16
    Order number , 171590
    Days , 90
    Site ,

  16. Comment by ian:

    Order link:
    Country: UK
    Order Date: 12.10.2016
    Order Nr: 7363492
    Transaction Nr: 170847
    Forum name: MiniLite90

  17. Comment by zomggivemeabreak:

    Order link
    Order date 10/21/16
    Country USA
    order number 7558124
    transaction number 174936

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